We do not offer dinner service in our accommodation but you can cook your own meal or find amazing meals very close by! There is a small shop in the center of Omakau where you can find all the essentials for a home cooked dinner. The restaurants can be very busy, so make sure to arrange dinner beforehand, otherwise you may have to wait a while…

The Omakau Commercial Hotel

Award winning pub with great atmosphere and really delicious meals. Have a look for yourself on their website: www.omakauhotel.co.nz They are only 10 min walking distance away in the town center.


The Muddy Creek Cafe

Simple but fast and yummy, they offer famous home made pies, fish and chips and burgers. Also really great coffee and muffins… 🙂 Located right in front of the Omakau Hotel.


Pitches Store

About 5km away in the charming town Ophir, there is a fine dining place in an amazingly beautiful refurbished old store, they offer a courtesy coach. Booking is essential but you will not be disappointed! Their menu changes often so have a look before you go: www.pitches-store.co.nz